I am Jasper,

a coffee addict. a minimalist. a human. a UX/UI guy. a Canadian. a fancy skeleton. a musician. a thinker.

Design is a solution to a problem.

Art is a question to a problem.

The story

I am a Visual Designer who focuses on the user experience. As a designer, I’m passionate about solving tough customer problems by combining thoughtful research, clever technology, and beautiful design to create great products.

When I am not designing I spend my time making music that is a blend of electronic and symphonic, discovering new music tastes, trying new foods, and traveling around the world. I also happen to be a passionate chocolatier.

The collaborators

2021 - now

Creative Director at Milk Moovement


UX Designer at QuoteToMe

2019 - 2020

UX Consultant at DevFacto

2018 - 2019

Product and UX Designer at Mogul

2016 - 2018

UX Designer at samdesk

Design is thinking made visual. That’s my process.

User Experience

Assessing and optimizing for the most unforgettable user experience.

Visual Design

Tackling design every step of the way from idea to concept to the final product.

Design Thinking

Cognitive, strategic, and practical processes by which design concepts are created.


Years in UX Design

This is just the beginning. There are many problems to solve and challenges to conquer.