Online Training Redefined


At Mogul redefining online training needed platform with a strong design foundation upon which to build the user experience.

As the sole designer at Mogul, I was tasked with introducing a design cycle into the company which includes a multi-phase workflow consisting of discovery, ux research, varying levels of fidelity designs, user testing and usability sessions, and implementation.

The platform was split into two major pieces. One being the user-facing app which required maintaining designs for existing and new features added to the app. The second was to completely redesign the admin dashboard to make it easier to use, more organized, modern in its design aesthetic, and a simplified user experience that focuses the attention where it needs to be.


User Research, User Experience Design, Visual Design, User Testing


12 months

Bold visuals and components designed to pixel perfection.

The Results

“Design, technology, a strong and bold aesthetic, and a team that knows their craft. What a joy!”

Today, the Mogul platform stands stronger and better than ever.

The challenges were straight forward at first, but evolved over time and we learned that a lot of what we knew needed to be rethought in order to move the platform forward. Both the front-end and the admin dashboard were pushed forward simultaneously in the most consistent and efficient way by understanding these challenges and establishing a game plan to overcoming them.

Every single pixel was choreographed into the best place it could possibly be through months of user research, discovery, planning, testing, and execution. The outcome was nothing short of the best of all of us at Mogul and our users. The willingness to adapt throughout the process created a product that stands ready to innovate and redefine online training.







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