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Real-time Crisis Alerts. Samdesk

Samdesk is an AI-powered global disruption monitoring tool delivering critical alerts and situational awareness to help you respond to critical events with speed and confidence.



The product underwent a pivot from a platform for journalists and broadcasters to include social media in their content to a powerful crisis monitoring and alerting platform powered by machine learning and AI to scan billions of data points to deliver critical alerts and situational awareness to help the user respond to emergencies with speed and confidence.


We needed to figure out how to move from a user-powered experience to a fully automated experience with the ability for the user set this up in a way that provides them with the data most relevant to them.


When we set out to create a solution for our users, we must first talk to them. We conducted a lot of user testing, interviews, and requirements gathering from our users as well as experts in the field of security and machine learning.

Design Strategy
User Research
User Experience Design
User Testing

2 years, 3 months

Product and market research

Research that we conducted on the industry led to the team collectively identifying the gaps that exist in the space of security and awareness with the standout realization being how long it takes for critical information to reach the public.

Social media is the largest public database of instant information on events worldwide. A suitable solution did not exist to give the public an instant sense of awareness.

Product definition and user needs

We conducted user research, interviewed experts in the fields of security and social media as well as our friends in the journalism and broadcasting spaces. With this newfound understanding of the user needs, we created journey maps and user personas to further define the product.

Collaborating with experts in their respective fields helped us to plan a roadmap for the solution that best fills the gaps in situational awareness using the power of social media.

Features and functionalities

Now that we as a team understand what we are building, I began creating a design strategy with strong considerations made specifically on how the user experience will transition from a user-powered perspective to one that is largely automated by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Many design iterations were created all throughout the process and we demoed these iterations with users and experts in the field.

Gallery of photos and videos associated to this event
Event type tag. Colour coded for ease of recognition
Simple graph visual to indicate the event trending state
Indicator to show the level of severity
Map alert dot. Colour coded to match the event type

Product and user experience design

The final product is a collaboration between research, understanding the user needs, and planning a structured design roadmap to deliver the best solution possible.

This resulted in a product that is a powerful, thoughtful, well designed, and above all – built to fill a critical gap in situational awareness.

Bold visuals and components

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The Results

“Access to a source of global information, around the clock, act first and act fast!”

Today, the Samdesk platform stands stronger and better than ever as a beacon for security and first response.

I collaborated with the team to create an experience with a map first focus and an alerts feed that could be setup by the user to monitor relevant data points. This allows users to setup monitoring tabs based on specified criteria and let the platform do the rest.







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